The Tracy Piper (b. Oakland, CA, 1987) is a female-identified, contemporary painter based in San Francisco, CA. Best known for her vibrant portraits and figurative acrylic paintings, Piper depicts challenging social justice issues in an abstract-realist style. She has shown at SCOPE and SELECT in Miami, FL; stARTup Art Fair in San Francisco and Los Angeles, CA; SCOPE New York, NY; and exhibits internationally. In 2017 Tracy competed on the GSNTV show “Skin Wars: Fresh Paint” and emerged victorious! Most recently, Tracy completed seven murals in the Bay Area to show solidarity with the Black Lives Matter Movement and promote community safety during COVID-19. She holds a Bachelor of Arts in Illustration from California College of the Arts and is represented by Voss Gallery in San Francisco, CA. 


When the color of your skin is probable cause. When a kiss is an act of courage. When our kids learn to duck and cover for more reasons than an earthquake. When the media continues to feed us divisive lies, continues to make us feel less than… then this is the United States as we know it today. But we are worthy of more. Worthy of respect, of dignity. To be truly seen. 

My goal with my work is to shake the normal narrative up and create truly inclusive work that dazzles while demanding thought. I am a bay area based white woman, making work about LGBTQIA, Black, POC, feminist and tough social subjects, in a magical abstract/realist style. I believe art has the power to change the world.

Image courtesy of Rick Nocon