SEEN Vol. 1

SEEN, Fine Art Book
Published by Voss Gallery Books © 2022
First Edition

Bound, Softcover Book
116 pages, 8 x 8 in


This high quality exhibition catalogue features 50 new paintings from the artist’s collaborative art project “SEEN,” that were made during the month of October. For this series, the artist organized an open call for her collectors, fans, and fellow artists to be featured as one of her models. Each participant answered the same question: What does it mean to feel seen? Each painting and response is now featured in the artist’s second book aptly titled “SEEN”, which is now available for preorder.


“SEEN is about sharing the sense of being worthy to as many people as I could. My goal is to mark that we’re here, that we feel something, and that we’re recording this moment in time. ‘We’ being anyone who chose to participate in this project by donating their time, words, and a signature. Therefore, this book doesn’t only showcase my paintings, it’s the collected experience of every participant, answering the same question that I did, in their very own way. Each page is their response.

My hope is that through these pages you’ll find something that strikes you, something that shines a light and makes you feel seen. If you own this book, I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for your support. To be invited into your universe makes me feel very, very seen. Cheers to all of us, may we forever have our place in history. May we always feel seen.” —The Tracy Piper